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July 21, 2021

Technische Universität Wien

Kann man sich aus dem leeren Raum Energie  ausleihen? Berechnungen eines internationalen Forscher_innen-Teams von TU Wien, ULB – Université libre de Bruxelles und Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur  haben ergeben: Ja, innerhalb gewisser Grenzen. Lokal kann die Energie kleiner als null sein, aber wie beim Geldausleihen von der Bank muss man den Betrag am Ende zurückzahlen.

Today  we break down public consultation notices on titles are incorporated by reference into federal, state and local energy regulations that support energy conservation.   We steer away from the oversupply of policy-related content thrown off by governments and non-profits and focus on technical specifics

In the energy conservation domain we find an oversupply of policy and administrative expertise and an undersupply of technical expertise.  A good day for us is to have logged in a data-driven proposal  – or response to public consultation.   An even better day is when we find colleagues willing and able share data harvested from their organization that informs technical discussion.

Since the ICC Group A Hearings ended a few weeks ag0, let’s drill into the concepts discussed there while they are still fresh in mind; ahead of the September Committee Action Hearings.

IBC § 202 | E26-21 | New definition for energy storage system

IFC § 1203.1.1| E26-21 | New definition for energy storage system

IBC § 1107.2, et al | E124-21 & E125-21 & E126-21 |  Electrical vehicle charging stations for R-2 occupancies.

IBC § 2701.1.1 | Group I-2 Electrical systems

IBC § 503.1 | G104-21 | Rooftop photovoltaic systems.

IBC § 1105.1.1 | E116-21 | Power-operated doors at public entrances.  (Electrification of building openings gathers pace.  Remember the good old days when you simply reached for the doorknob?)

There are plenty of other proposals to discuss and proposals of our own to prepare.  This is a large topic so we usually have to set up a separate breakout session; to be determined during today’s colloquium.

N.B. We side-step the “insulation wars” among product manufacturers in energy codes because we are outmatched by vertical incumbents.  In other words, we have to pick our battles; despite the size of the education facility construction market.


Economics of Energy, Volume: 4.9 Article: 48 , James L. Sweeney, Stanford University

Global Warming: Scam, Fraud, or Hoax?, Douglas Allchin, The American Biology Teacher (2015) 77 (4): 309–313.

Helmholtz and the Conservation of Energy, By Kenneth L. Caneva, MIT Press

From our video archive:


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