Roger Scruton Memorial Lectures

"...I want also to say one final thing in an era of cancellation and defamation. We sometimes forget that we cannot go on like this and also that we've been here before we know this because our greatest writers and artists have addressed this question in their own times when Roger was going through his own battle with the shallows..." -- Douglas Murray


Roger Scruton Memorial Lectures

January 14, 2024
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“Stand up for your friends especially when they’re right.  There is every reason in the world to do so but one is not obvious — although perhaps it should be — and it’s this:  it might be the only chance you get to show them how much they mean to you if you don’t seize this opportunity whenever it comes along. 

To save the truth of your feelings for their funeral or obituaries it’s not much use to anyone then but if you defend if you if you defend a friend while they’re alive you might just give them the slightest intimation of how much you value them and love them and how much other people love them too…”

Douglas Murray


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