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Design of a gateway for ubiquitous classroom

To an unexpected degree, developing nations may have an easier path in the #SmartCampus transformation because, a) they can learn from the mistakes of the education industry in other nations, b) they may not face the same degree of institutional inertia that exists in the education industries of developed nations.


Design of a gateway for ubiquitous classroom

December 21, 2019

“King Nimrod ordering the construction of the Tower of Babel” (17th Century) / Louis de Caullery

Smart classroom: Gateway for ubiquitous classroom

Hichem Bargaoui & Rawia Bdiwi


In educational environment, the use of new pedagogies such as collaborative learning requires an evolution from a traditional classroom model to active classroom. The students should be able to share resources to collaborate with each other through computers, tablets, or other devices. The design of smart classroom should enable the control of audiovisual equipments, projectors, interactive whiteboards, in order to facilitate interaction among teachers and students. Ubiquitous computing or pervasive computing is a concept where processors and sensors are embedded in various physical objects to form a network and communicate information. Applying the pervasive computing can facilitate the collaborative learning by creating a smart learning environment. The ubiquitous classroom should be able to support interaction of heterogeneous devices connected through wireless links to a gateway. This paper presents a model of classroom that makes several smart devices such as laptops, tablets, projectors connected through a gateway in order to encourage communication of information between learners and the smart environment. Also, the gateway manages classroom smart devices by automatic detection and connectivity and it serves as application execution platform. Finally the gateway allows the classroom to be remote managed as well as the remote integration of application.


Source: IEEE Explore



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