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Standards California

California is not just a state; it is a nation onto itself, and one of the five we closely follow for state exceptions and/or additions to accredited consensus products developed for US building industry market.


Standards California

June 1, 2020
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“The Sunset at Monterey Bay, the California Coast” / Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902)

We continue our roll out of our user-interest collaboration architecture to school districts, colleges, universities and university-affiliated healthcare systems in all 50-states. To lower #TotalCostofOwnership for the #SmartCampus every state will managed with sensitivity to each state’s history, culture, governance regime, asset-base and network of expertise.

Standards Michigan remains the “free” home site but related state-specific sites such as Standards California will be accessible to user-interest code-writers and vote-getters.¬† ¬†Please send a request to join one of our mailing lists appropriate to your interest for #SmartCampus standards action in the State of California.

University of California Office of the President Construction Services

School Construction/Modernization Design Standards

Building Standards Commission

Lankershim School in San Fernando Valley c. 1889


Electronic Municipal Market Access / California

Education finance: school facilities: Public Preschool, K-12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020.

The 2020-21 Budget: Higher Education Analysis

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