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Software Engineering Ethics Education


Four Opportunities for SE Ethics Education

Alicia M. Grubb
Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts


Abstract:  Many software engineers direct their talents towards software systems which do not fall into traditional definitions of safety critical systems, but are integral to society (e.g., social media, expert advisor systems). While codes of ethics can be a useful starting point for ethical discussions, codes are often limited in scope to professional ethics and may not offer answers to individuals weighing competing ethical priorities. In this paper, we present our vision for improving ethics education in software engineering. To do this, we consider current and past curricular recommendations, as well as recent efforts within the broader computer science community. We layout challenges with vignettes and assessments in teaching, and give recommendations for incorporating updated examples and broadening the scope of ethics education in software engineering.
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Smith College | Hampshire County Massachusetts


Inside Gasson Tower

Boston College is a private Jesuit research university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  Gasson Hall is a symbol of Boston College, representing the university’s commitment to academic excellence, spiritual values, and the pursuit of knowledge.  It The hall continues to serve as an important part of the Boston College campus, housing administrative offices, classrooms, and the university’s Honors Program.

In “The Social Network,” Gasson Hall was used as a filming location for several scenes that take place at Harvard University, which is where Mark Zuckerberg attended college before he created Facebook. Specifically, Gasson Hall was used as a stand-in for Harvard’s Memorial Hall, which is a large Gothic Revival building that houses a dining hall and a chapel.

The scene in “The Social Network” that was filmed in Gasson Hall shows Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield) attending a disciplinary hearing in front of the Harvard administration. The hearing takes place in a large ornate room with stained glass windows and a high vaulted ceiling, which is actually the Reading Room on the third floor of Gasson Hall. The filmmakers made some minor changes to the room, such as adding a portrait of John Harvard and replacing some of the furniture, but overall, the space is very recognizable as Gasson Hall.

Standards Massachusetts

Boston College Facilities Management

Incredible snow removal

Reflections on the verb “to be”

“Long Island Sound”

As it is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty



I see it as it looked one afternoon

In August,—by a fresh soft breeze o’erblown.

The swiftness of the tide, the light thereon,

A far-off sail, white as a crescent moon.

The shining waters with pale currents strewn,

The quiet fishing smacks, the Eastern cove,

The semicircle of its dark, green grove.

The luminous grasses, and the merry sun

In the grave sky; the sparkle far and wide,

Laughter of unseen children, cheerful chirp

Of crickets, and low lisp of rippling tide,

Light summer clouds fantastical as sleep

Changing unnoted while I gazed thereon.

All these fair sounds and sights I made my own.


Emma Lazarus


How Harvard is Scamming Indian Students

Legacy and Athlete Preferences at Harvard

Harvard EdCast: Education and Corruption



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