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Bud Break

This event is part of a series that keeps cold climate grape growers up to speed on what tasks to do at key points in the growing season. Each session will review timely management steps, highlight a topic, and then open the floor to questions and discussion. This week, the focus topic is comparing bird control options, in response to high demand for this topic. However, there will be plenty of time to talk about critical bud break tasks as well.

The speaker is Annie Klodd, Fruit Extension Educator at UMN Extension. Additional fruit specialists from UMN Extension and UW Madison, including Leslie Holland and Jed Colquhoun, will be in attendance to answer questions and lead discussion.

Readings / Morrill Land-Grant Act

Soil Sampling

“The Sower” 1888 Vincent Van Gogh

Land Grant Universities typically provide soil testing services to local farmers. As part of their mission to support agricultural research and education, many Land Grant Universities have agricultural extension programs that offer soil testing services to farmers and other members of the community. These programs often provide soil testing at a reasonable cost or for free, and may also offer advice and recommendations for improving soil health and fertility based on the results of the soil test.

In some cases, the soil testing services may be provided by the university’s soil science department or agricultural research station. Farmers can usually contact their local extension office or the university’s agricultural department to inquire about soil testing services and to learn more about the specific testing methods used and the associated fees.

Readings / Morrill Land-Grant Act


Keeping Soil Alive

Apostle Islands Lighthouse

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