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August 4, 2020

“At the Water Trough” 1876 / J. Alden Weir



I heard the old, old men say,
“Everything alters,
And one by one we drop away.”
They had hands like claws, and their knees
Were twisted like the old thorn-trees
By the waters.
I heard the old, old men say,
“All that’s beautiful drifts away
Like the waters.”

— William Butler Yeats


Today at 11 AM Eastern time we run a status check on the stream of consensus products that set the standard of care for service activities relating to drinking water supply, wastewater, stormwater, water used for agriculture, cooling, cooking, recreation, therapy and other purposes.  School districts, colleges, universities and hospitals all depend upon municipal water management systems and major stakeholders in water issues in all nations.

Water safety and sustainability standards have been on the Standards Michigan agenda since the early 2000’s.  Some of the concepts we have tracked over the years; and contributed data, comments and proposals to technical committees, are listed below:

  1. Legionella mitigation
  2. Swimming pool water quality
  3. Fire protection sprinkler water availability and safety
  4. Backflow prevention/Cross-connect systems
  5. University-Municipal piping system demarcation
  6. Security of district energy power plant and hospital water supply
  7. Electrical shock protection in pools, fountains, spas and waterfront recreational docking facilities
  8. Rainwater catchment
  9. Water in extreme weather events
  10. Flood abatement systems
  11. Building plumbing codes (ICC and IAPMO)
  12. Water Re-use
  13. Water heaters
  14. District energy water treatment
  15. Food service steam tables
  16. Greywater
  17.  Residence hall potable water systems
  18. Water use in emergency shower and eyewash installations
  19. Decorative fountains.

Since 2016 we have tracked other water-related issues:

  1. Safe water in playgrounds
  2. National Seagrant College programs
  3. Guide to Infection Control in the Healthcare Setting
  4. Electrical safety around water (cooling towers, swimming pools, spas)
  5. ASTM Water Testing Standards

Relevant federal legislation:

  1. Clean Water Act
  2. Drinking Water Requirements for States and Public Water Systems
  3. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Send bella@standardsmichigan.com an email to request a more detailed advance agenda.   To simply join the conversation use the login credentials at the upper right of our home page.

Standing Agenda / Water

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