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Healthcare Administration

Many large research universities have significant healthcare delivery enterprises. The leadership of those enterprises discount the effect of standards like this at their peril. It is easy to visualize that this document will have as transformative effect upon the healthcare industry as the ISO 9000 series of management standards in the globalization of manufacturing.


Healthcare Administration

January 1, 2020
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“The Physician” | Friedrich Friedländer (1870)

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) catalyzed the creation of the first global standard for health care administration; developed by International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 304 (Click here: ISO/TC 304).     The UTMB stewardship over the past three years has now been transferred to InGenesis with the same objective: to reduce administrative burden of healthcare delivery organizations — not the least among them the healthcare delivery enterprises in the US education industry where we place our focus.   Apart from the globalization of academic research expertise; the delivery of clinical care is globalizing and with it administrative burden in every dimension of the healthcare value chain.  

The core committee met in July 2018 at  NSF International Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and online again  on November 8th at 9 AM Eastern time. A selection of relevant documents that track the committees progress are available in the workspace below:

Standards Michigan Workspace for ISO Healthcare Administration Standard *

Another online meeting will be hosted Friday, January 17, 2020 11 AM – 12:30PM (EST).   A draft agenda is linked below:

ISO TAG January 2020 Meeting Agenda

You are encouraged to communicate with Lee S. Webster ( or Veronica Edwards ( for more current, detailed information.  ( )

We keep this standard will be on the agenda of each of our monthly International and Healthcare standards teleconference  — shown on our CALENDAR — during which time we will walk through all of our current collaborations with the US TAG administrators on other ISO projects and also standards action under the purview of the USNA/IEC.  (Use login credentials at the top of our homepage). 

ISO TC 304 Participation Map | Click on image for more details

[Issue 14-99]

Contact:  Lee Webster (, Mike Anthony (, Richard Robben (, James Harvey (, Christine Fischer (

Category: Medical Research & Health Care, Management, Finance & Administration, International

* This is a provisional workspace set up to enable relatively easy access to relevant documents that make the project more understandable.  The official project workspace is administered by ANSI’s US TAG.

Archive / ISO 304 Healthcare Administration



ISO Focus Special Issue on Healthcare


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