“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai



March 26, 2023

Modelling and Simulation Wayfinding in Unfamiliar Campus Environment

Designing digital signage for better wayfinding performance: New visitors’ navigating campus of university

Wayfinding Behavior Detection by Smartphone

Human Behavior During Emergency Evacuation: Cell Transmission Model

Almawhere 2.0: a pervasive system to facilitate indoor wayfinding

Managing egress of crowd during infrastructure disruption

A Fuzzy-Theory-Based Cellular Automata Model for Pedestrian Evacuation From a Multiple-Exit Room

Emergency exit sign detection system for visually impaired people

Evacuating Routes in Indoor-Fire Scenarios with Selection of Safe Exits on Known and Unknown Buildings Using Machine Learning

Exits choice based on cellular automaton model for pedestrians’ evacuation

Computer aided architectural design: Wayfinding complexity analysis

Using space syntax to understand knowledge acquisition and wayfinding in indoor environments

Wayfinding by auditory cues in virtual environments

Computer Vision Method in Means of Egress Obstruction Detection

Map Displays And Landmark Effects On Wayfinding In Unfamiliar Environments

Informing the design of an automated wayfinding system for individuals with cognitive impairments

Virtual Reality to Study Pedestrian Wayfinding: Motivations and an Experiment on Usability

AR-enabled wayfinding kiosk

Research on the terrain cognition in small-scale environment

A comparison study of stationary and mobile eye tracking on EXITs design in a wayfinding system

CityGuide: A Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Wayfinding System for People With Vision Impairments

Poster: Evaluation of Wayfinding Aid Techniques in Multi-Level Virtual Environments

Automatic Optimization of Wayfinding Design

Implementing game artificial intelligence to decision making of agents in emergency egress

Navigating MazeMap: Indoor human mobility, spatio-logical ties and future potential

Energy conservation from retrofit ‘exit‘ sign in public premises


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