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Lively Arts

May 22, 2020
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Dance of Apollo with the Nine Muses


“We have art in order not to perish from the Truth”

— Friedrich Nietzsche*


Today at 11 AM Eastern time we scan for public commenting opportunities in consensus products that determine the safety, sustainability and value proposition of arts and entertainment facilities on the #SmartCampus.  Enterprises of this nature have evolved quickly in recent years and with it a new professional discipline around “event safety” that slices through a surprising number of codes and standards incorporated by reference into public safety law.

Architectural, engineering, facility planning and design units within academia are welcome to join us in reviewing the blistering pace of code and standard development in this space.   If we are successful you will likely want to tweak your design, construction and O&M documents.  At the very least, time spent with us today offers anticipatory intelligence about expectation in the standard of care, where your competitors may be; or both.

There are a number of open-source consortia we follow, also — particularly in the electrotechnologies that support massive open online curricula units.  This is another fast-moving space, with no shortage of non-profit organizations claiming hegemony over the zietgeist, or some part of it.

Standing Agenda / Lively Arts

*University of Basel

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