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Fine Arts

"We hebben kunst opdat we niet vergaan van de waarheid" -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Fine Arts

July 15, 2022

Not every student is passionate about Graph Algorithms, Green Policy or coding the Internet of Things but wants to devote their energy and talent to making the world a better place by making the world a more beautiful place.  Spaces for the “creatives” among them are elevated risk spaces.   Today we examine best practice literature for designing, building and maintaining these occupancies in the safest and most sustainable way.  The topic is remarkably multi-disciplinary.

US-based standards developers with a footprint in the fine arts domain:

ASTM International

Committee D13 on Textiles Celebrates a Century

International Code Council

2021 International Building Code: Section 305 Educational Group E

Underwriters Laboratories

Lorem ipsum (product testing: kiln heat specifications, fabric and paint flammability, wet and dry fire extinguishing systems, etc.)

National Fire Protection Association

Art, Design & Fashion Studios

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Leveraging User-Provided Noisy Labels for Fashion Understanding

Fuzzy Logic in Personalized Garment Design

Illumination Engineering Society

Lorem ipsum

Institutional Guidelines

St. Louis Community College

Federal Regulations & Recommendations

Environmental Health and Safety in the Arts Guide for K-12 School, Colleges and Artisans

Global standard developers:  (partial list)


Illumination Art


Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act

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