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Updated 11 August 2022


Fast Forward

August 10, 2022

Use organization acronym for search.   Continuous maintenance developers (which means we get strike and bold releases with 30-45 day consultations) indicated in red font.  Technical limits within our content management system limit hyperlinks so we redirect time sensitive content to our daily colloquia.

The United States Standards System is financed largely by conformance interests, manufacturers, and standards developers (whose business models depend upon conformance and manufacturers).  The user-interest remains the weakest constituency; a lament we explain in detail in our ABOUT.  The weakness of the user-interest (reflected in our logo) is not much different than its weakness in other nations.  Standards developers everywhere compete with their home government.

One of the strongest voices for the user-interest  is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers with whom we collaborate closely through the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee.


Fast Forward (Accredited, Open-Source and Consortia consultations) 

American Academy of Forensic Sciences  (AAFS) We generally steer clear of the AAFS catalog though there are a few noteworthy titles that fall into our wheelhouse.  Research universities have significant live animal assets and responsibilities; for example, and biotechnology research enterprises fall under the intended purview of this trade association.

BPR 160 Best Practice Recommendation for Initial Response at Scenes by Law Enforcement Officers (July 18)

Six relatively stabilized DNA-research titles with consultation close date (May 16)

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)

– 108 Water for the processing of medical devices (May 9)

– ISO 11138-8-202x, Sterilization of health care products (June 20)

American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists  (AARST)   Comments: The AARST has been a very active conformance interest in recent years; leading standards setting in the chemical hazard domain and capturing revenue from publications, training and certification)

CC-1000 Soil Gas Control Systems in New Construction of Buildings (July 18 – August 29)

RMS-LB Radon Mitigation Standards for Schools and Large Buildings (August 6)

Several revisions of relatively stabilized titles; among them RMS-LB Radon Mitigation Standards for Schools and Large Buildings (April 25 – May 30)

American Clean Power Association    (ACPA)

Three wind energy titles open until March 14th.   These may interest education facility units that own their own wind generators for educational or other purposes.

OCRP Recommended Practice for Design, Deployment, and Operation of Submarine Cable in the United States (July 31) – Multidisciplinary title included here for academic interest.

American Concrete Institute  (ACI Farmington Hills, Michigan)

369.1Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Concrete Buildings-Code and Requirements (July 25)

– 437.2 Load Testing of Concrete Structures – Code Requirements and Commentary.  This title may interest experts in building rehabilitation and historic preservation.  The education industry has a very large inventory of historic buildings.  (March 14).

American Gas Association (AGA)

– Z380 series Guide for Transmission, Distribution and Gathering Piping Systems (May 23 – May 30)

American Dental Association  (ADA) Several product standards that would likely be used in instructional and clinical settings (May 30)

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (St. Joseph, Michigan).  [ASABE Workspace] N.B. ASABE is ANSI’s US Technical Advisory Group chair for ISO the Global Secretariat for the ISO/TC 34 Food Products.

– Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain (April 4)

– S627.1 MON Weather-based Landscape Irrigation Control Systems (September 5)

Air, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)

– 250 Performance and Calibration of Reference Sound Sources (May 30)

– 1270 Requirements for Seismic Qualification of HVACR Equipment (June 27)

Several product performance standards (August 28)

American Hort 

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

– 341 Seismic Provisions for the Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Structural Steel Buildings (Moved to June 12)

Acoustical Society of America.  (ASA)

Accredited Standards Committee x9

Four titles outside our domain RE: mobile banking services; noted here for others (July 25)

Several titles covering financial information specifications (September 12)

Air Movement and Control Association   (AMCA)

American National Standards Institute   (ANSI)

New ISO Project: Guidelines for overseas warehouses (April 29)

Nanotechnology Workshop (May 3-4)

2022 Student Paper Competition (Submission deadline: June 1, 2022) – See our CALENDAR for scheduled Saturday workshops ahead of the deadline.

Workspace / ISO   N.B. We interact with the ISO through ANSI; though we collaborate with experts at several universities in other nations through the IEEE.  

American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association (ARESCA)

Most titles referred to IEEE E&H Committee

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers  (ASABE St. Joseph, Michigan)  N.B. ASABE is ANSI’s US Technical Advisory Group chair for ISO the Global Secretariat for the ISO/TC 34 Food Products.

– S611 Collecting, Processing, and Visualizing Geographic Harvest Data (May 30)

American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Several product titles listed on Pages 19-21) with August 15 deadline

American Clean Power Association   (ACPA)

American Petroleum Institute  (API)

American Society of Civil Engineers  (ASCE)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers  (ASME)

C&S Tools

QEI Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors (August 8)

– 514P Risk Management for Building Water Systems: Physical, Chemical, and Microbial Hazards (May 30)

– A17.7 Performance-based safety code for elevators and escalators (April 5)

– PCC-3 Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods (May 30)

– A112.6.3 A sequence of titles related to floor drains and grease traps common in commercial cooking operations (May 3)

– Nine plumbing-related titles with consultation close date of May 25 (We will cover during Water colloquium)

– B31.3-202x, Process Piping (June 6)

– B133.8 Gas Turbine Installation Sound Emissions (June 21)

– PTC 4.3 Air Heaters (July 5)

American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)

The Committee for Construction and Demolition Operations meets online July 12

A10.39 Construction Safety & Health Audit Program (September 12)

A10.49 Control of Chemical Health Hazards in Construction and Demolition Operations (September 12)

– A10.39 Construction Safety & Health Audit Program (July 4)

A10.49 Control of Chemical Health Hazards in Construction and Demolition Operations (July 4)

– A10 Construction Safety & Health Audit Program (June 6)

– A10.18 Safety Requirements for Temporary Roof and Floor Holes,Wall Openings, Stairways, and Other Unprotected Edges in Construction and Demolition Operations (June 6)

Academic Safety Standards

Apache Software Foundation

Subversion Nightly Tarballs (Open source continuous update)

Architectural Woodwork Institute

American Water Works Association  (AWWA)

– G300 Source Water Protection (March 14)

– F110 Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems for Drinking Water (July 4)

American Welding Society (AWS)

– D9.1/D9.1M-202x, Sheet Metal Welding Code (September 19)

American Wood Council (AWC)

FDS Fire Design Specification for Wood Construction (September 12)

APCO International (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials)

American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers  (ASHRAE)


– 62.1-Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality (May 23)

– 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings (July 10 & August 8)

100 Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings (August 28)

– 154 Ventilation for Commercial Cooking Operations (May 15)

170 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities (July 24)

– 189.1 & 189.3 Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings (May 29)

189.3 Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable High-Performance Health Care Facilities (August 28)

– 514P Risk Management for Building Water Systems: Physical, Chemical, and Microbial Hazards (May 30)

Applied Building Technology Group (ABTG) Lorem ipsum

ASIS International

PSC.1-202x, Management System for Private Security Company Operations – Requirements with  Guidance (September 12)

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions    (ATIS)  We typically refer consultations to the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee

– Two security and maintenance titles (July 18).

ASTM International  (ASTM) The bulk of the ASTM catalog is product standards and receives a lower priority in our business model which places priority upon system interoperability.

ASTM unloads an redlines of stabilized product-oriented titles in large tranches.   This practice supports their testing and certification revenue model.  The most recent releases are marked with consultation close date (July 18)

– E2917 Practice for Forensic Science Practitioner Training, Continuing Education, and Professional Development Programs (September 19)

AVIXA Lorem ipsum

Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. 

– A156.2 Standard for Bored and Preassembled Locks and Latches (February 14)

Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA)

– X5.1 General-Purpose Office Chairs (April 25)

Building Owners and Managers Association (No consultations posted.  Several stabilized titles should be of interest to estate accountants.  See also NCES )

CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association US affiliate.  Much like ASTM International, the CSA catalog is largely product conformance titles)

– Fuel Cell Technical Committee meets May 16 online.  Contact Mark Duda at

– Titles related to LNG road vehicles (May 23)

Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association

No draft standards posted for consultation

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

2107  The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care, Managing Characterizing, and Safeguarding Data (July 18)

Direct Trust

Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)

– Several relatively stabilized product titles with comment close dates (August 8).  Referred to IEEE E&H

Entertainment Services and Technology Association

– Five titles covering rigging, lighting and electrical systems (May 23)

FM Global. 

– 2510 Flood Abatement Equipment (June 20)

Green Building Initiatives  (GBI)  Lorem ipsum. This organization seems devoted primarily to harvesting conformance revenue from incumbent standards developers in the energy conservation domain.  It has formed co-publishing alliances with her SDO’s such as ASHRAE

Healthcare Standards Institute

Health Physics Society

HL7 Health Level 7 (Ann Arbor Michigan).

Illumination Engineering Society  (IES) We list and coordinate our response to IES consultations with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee.

RP-6 Recommended Practice: Lighting Sports and Recreational Areas (June 19)

RP-1 Recommended Practice: Lighting Office Spaces – Home Office Lighting (July 4)

LS-1-22 Lighting Science: Nomenclature & Definitions (August 28)

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers  Most of the titles listed below are referred to IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee

– C37.121-202x, Guide for Switchgear – Unit Substation – Requirements (April 12)

– 1547 Standard for the Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources

IAPMO  International Association of Plumbing and  Mechanical Officials

International Society of Automation

International Code Council  (Also See INBOX)

2021/2022 ICC Code Development Schedule

International Code Council : 2022 GROUP B COMMITTEE ACTION HEARING SCHEDULE March 27 – April 6, 2022

A117.1 Meetings: March 10, 24, April 7, 21, May 5, 19, June 2, 16, 30…

ICC BCAC IEBC Item #28 DRAFT  (to be uploaded onto our ICC workspace)

805 Rainwater Harvesting (May 2nd)

Recent back-and-forth on carbon monoxide safety (to be broken out in a separate updated post and discussed during Health colloquia.  Inspection, conformance and compliance certification is one of the most ferocious standards setting domains in the world.

Substantiation for Uniform Baseline Requirements for CO detection in All Occupancies

Carbon monoxide detection concepts relevant to Group E Educational Occupancies



 ICC/MBI 1200-2021 Standard for Off-Site Construction: Planning, Design, Fabrication and Assembly 

A117.1 Teleconference (February 24)

InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS)  Most of the standards action in the INCITS catalog involves adoption of IEC titles most of which are usually referred to IEEE E&H.

International Organization for Standardization

Pandemic Response – Social distancing and source control (April 4)

International Society of Automation.

Information Technology Industry Council (Referred to IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee)

The Joint Commission

Electrotechnology consultations are referred to IEEE E&H.   All others covered during our Health colloquia.

Licensing Executives Society.

Laser Institute of America

Material Handling Industry  (MHI)

The Monitoring Association

National Contract Management Association

– ASD-1 Contract Management Standard (April 4)

National Electrical Contractors Association.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Blockchain for Access Control Systems (February 7)

Standards Coordination Office | USA WTO TBT Enquiry Point  

National Electrical Contractors Association

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 

Most consultations referred to the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee

National Emergency Number Association

– NENA STA-026.5 Master Clock Standard (February 14)

National Electrical Testing Association

– 202, NETA Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems (August 29)

The NELAC Institute

TNI EL-V1M6 Management and Technical Requirements for Laboratories Performing Environmental Analysis; (March 29)

North American Security Products Organization

No draft standards posted for consultation

NFPA  National Fire Protection Association

1 –  Fire Code 2021 –  2024 revision NITMAM Close Date 5 January 2023

– 3 Standard for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems (April 11) – See our Video Library for an overview of NFPA 3 and 4 by Paul Dunphy at Harvard University

– 4 Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing (April 11)

– 54 National Fuel Gas Code (April 11)

72 2025 National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code (June 1)

101 Life Safety Code 2021 – 2024 revision NITMAM Close Date 28 March 2023

– 110/111 Emergency & Standby Power Systems/Stored Electrical Energy (June 1)

350 Onsite Residential and Commercial Water Reuse (August 8)

 791 Recommended Practice and Procedures for Unlabeled Electrical Equipment Evaluation (July 4)

– 915 Standard for Remote Inspections (April 11)

NSF International 

– 50 Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities (July 4)
– 2 Food Equipment (May 15)
– 16 Drinking Water System Components (March 13)
–  49 Biosafety Cabinetry: Design, Construction, Performance and Field Certification (May 22)
– 350 Onsite Residential and Commercial Water Reuse Treatment Systems (July 31 – August 14)

One M2M

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) Lorem ipsum

Project Management Institute PMI) Lorem ipsum

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance

2  Standard for Public Pool and Spa Operations and Maintenance (March 28)

Remanufacturing Industries Council (No consultation drafts posted)

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) | Many colleges and universities are stewards of residential occupancies.

Robotic Industries Association (RIA)   Ann Arbor-based US TAG Administrator for ISO TC 299 Robotics

Meeting Notices (Page 125)

SAE International (Troy, Michigan ). Covered generally during our Mobility colloquium.   Lorem ipsum

Security Industries Association   Lorem ipsum

Simon Institute | Elevating the Cleaning Craft  Lorem ipsum

Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers  (SCTE) Referred to IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee

23-1 Radio Frequency Interface (August 8)

 23-2 Baseline Privacy Plus Interface (August 8)

Society of Standards Professionals

Single Ply Roofing Industry (SPRI)

RP-14 Wind Design Standard for Vegetative Roofing System (July 2)

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)  Because TIA tends to release stabilized titles in large batches most consultations referred to the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committees

– 1179 Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard (September 5)

– 569 Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces (May 9)

The Monitoring Association

– AVS-01 Alarm Validation Scoring Standard (September 13)

Tile Council of North America

– A137 Standard Specifications for Ceramic Tile and Glass Tile (February 14)

Tree Care Industry Association

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) (The UL catalog is largely product titles rather with far fewer system interoperability titles.  We follow a few when they are heavily referenced into the same interoperability titles such as the National Electrical Code and the International Building Code.  We refer most  electrotechnology titles to IEEE E&H)

Collaborative Standards Development System Login

UL  [Workspace] Since UL is primarily a conformance organization and a nationally recognized testing laboratory, much of its catalog is product standard.  Those titles that involve interoperability primarily we refer to IEEE Industrial Applications Society technical committees.

– 217 Standard for Safety for Smoke Alarms (August 28)

1004-5 Standard for Safety for Fire Pump Motors (September 12)

– UL 2580 Standard for Safety for Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles (April 24)

– 283 Standard for Central-Station Alarm Services (May 10)

– Standard for Photovoltaic (PV) Modules – Type Approval, Design and Safety Qualification – Retesting (national adoption with modifications of IEC 62915).  The revisions appear to be largely harmonization revisions; updating normative references.  (March 20)

– 2800 Standard for Safety for Medical Device Interoperability.  Referred to IEEE E&H (April 3)

– 347A Standard for Safety for Medium Voltage Power Conversion Equipment (April 3)

– 414 Standard for Safety for Meter Sockets (April 3)

– 347 Standard for Safety for Medium-Voltage AC Contactors, Controllers, and Control Centers (August 14)

– 1996 Standard for Safety for Electric Duct Heaters (August 21)

– 6142 Standard for Small Wind Turbine Systems (August 21)

– 8801 Standard for Safety for Photovoltaic (PV) Luminaire Systems (May 10)

– 61800 Standard for Safety for Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems (April 24)

– 60950 Standard for Safety for Information Technology Equipment (May 9)

– 1480 Standard for Safety for Speakers for Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems, Including Accessories (July 26)

– 2200 Standard for Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies (June 19)

– 2388 Standard for Safety for Flexible Lighting Products (June 20)

– 60947-7-4 Standard for Safety for Low-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear (July 4)

United States Department of Education

American Rescue Plan

Comment Request; Education Stabilization Fund-Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (March 28)

Comment Request; Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting (April 18)

VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA).

– Consultation on three titles close June 6.  Referred to IEEE E&H.



Villanova University: Standard-Setting and Related Organizations

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