Stage Technical Standards for Outdoor Live Performance Theater


Stage Technical Standards for Outdoor Live Performance Theater

May 23, 2023


Necessity of Establishing the Stage Technical Standards for Outdoor Live Performance Theater

Ziyi He, et al

School of Mechanical and Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology

Chinese indoor theaters have established a relatively complete technical standard system in aspects of lighting, sound, safety supervision and others, while outdoor live performance theaters only have a service standard system. Due to the great scale of sceneries and exposure to the natural open environment, its lighting, audio and other systems, wire modeling, LED screen and laser modeling, water curtain/cloud screen/fireworks modeling, animal performance and other technical systems require long-term resistance to the wind, rain, thunder and lightning, damp corrosion, high temperature, ice, snow weather and other new technical requirements like prevention of damage by wild animals. Outdoor live performance theaters cannot share a set of technical standards with indoor theaters. It is necessary to construct a technical standard system fit for the construction, operation and safety service of outdoor live performance theaters.

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