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Tree Care

We will soon explore the International Society of Arborculture ANSI-accredited standards. We encourage exterior environment workgroups in the education facility industry to explore them on their own:


Tree Care

May 19, 2019
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“Landscape with a clump of trees” | Théodore Rousseau (1844)

The condition of campus gardens, trees and landscaping is a central element of ambiance, brand identity, environmental instruction and even revenue tied to charitable donations.   The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) will be updating a standard relevant to our #TotalCostofOwnership agenda: A300 Tree Care Operations – Tree, Shrub, and Other Woody Plant Management – Standard Practices. From the project prospectus:

Scope: Part 3 Supplemental Support Systems standards are performance standards for the installation of cabling, bracing, guying, and prop systems in trees and woody shrubs. It is a guide for drafting supplemental support system specifications for consumers as well as Federal, state, municipal, and private authorities including property owners, property managers, and utilities.

Project Need: Revision needed to review and incorporate changes in industry standard practices, as appropriate, since the approval of the current standard.

Stakeholders: Tree Care industry, Green industry, arborists, Land Care industry, landscape architects, property managers, utilities, urban planners, consumers, government agencies.

As an accredited standards developer, the TCIA welcomes public participation (Learn more HERE).   Standards Michigan promotes the support for user-interest subject matter experts engaged in tree care activity over a long period of time.  (See ABOUT)

Stakeholders in any interest category may communicate directly with Amy Tetreault at the Tree Care Industry Association, (603) 314-5380,, 136 Harvey Rd # 101, Londonderry, NH 03053

The activity of all ANSI accredited standards developers who contribute to the safety and sustainability agenda of the education industry are a standing item on the agenda of our daily 11 AM (Eastern) teleconference.   We also devote an hour every month to codes and standards that govern education industry Grounds & Landscaping enterprises.   See our CALENDAR for the next online teleconference.


Issue: [Various]

Category: Landscaping & Exterior

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jack Janveja


International Society of Arborculture ANSI Standards

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