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Blockchain Tokens for Food Traceability


Blockchain Tokens for Food Traceability

May 8, 2020
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Integrating Blockchain, Smart Contract-Tokens, and IoT to Design a Food Traceability Solution

Mark Kim – Brian Hilton
Info. Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University
Zach Burks – Jordan Reyes
Harvest Network, Bakersfield, CA, USA


Abstract:  Information asymmetry exists amongst stakeholders in the current food supply chain. Lack of standardization in data format, lack of regulations, and siloed, legacy information systems exasperate the problem. Global agriculture trade is increasing creating a greater need for traceability in the global supply chain. This paper introduces Harvest Network, a theoretical end-to-end, vis a vie “farm-to-fork”, food traceability application integrating the Ethereum blockchain and IoT devices exchanging GS1 message standards. The goal is to create a distributed ledger accessible for all stakeholders in the supply chain. Our design effort creates a basic framework (artefact) for building a prototype or simulation using existing technologies and protocols [1]. The next step is for industry practitioners and researchers to apply AGILE methods for creating working prototypes and advanced projects that bring about greater transparency.

Document Sections
    • I. Introduction
    • II.  New Paradigm for Food Traceability
    • III. Tokenization Overview
    • IV. Smart Contract Design and IoT Interaction
    • V. Web Integration





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