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Storm Shelters

Noteworthy for the user interest in the US accredited standards development system is the participation of the Wind Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University; an informed voice in the development of this consensus product.  As we explain throughout this site it is rare to find user interest participation by the education facility industry let alone balanced user-interest participation.   In other words, "Bravo" to the International Code Council for sustaining ANSI recommended balance in the ICC-500 committee.


Storm Shelters

July 2, 2020

“Landscape between Storms” 1841 / Auguste Renoir

The International Code Council has released an exposure draft of its revisions to ICC/NSSA 500 Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters.  From the project prospectus:

The objective of this Standard is to provide technical design and performance criteria that will facilitate and promote the design, construction, and installation of safe, reliable, and economical storm shelters to protect the public. It is intended that this Standard be used by design professionals; storm shelter designers, manufacturers, and constructors; building officials; and emergency management personnel and government officials to ensure that storm shelters provide a consistently high level of protection to the sheltered public.

Comments are due August 10th.  The current 2014 edition of ICC 500 is also linked at the bottom of this page.

The ICC receives public response to proposed changes to its products at the link below

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Send comments to Kimberly Paarlberg ( with optional copy to

The advantage of this approach is that it avoids some of the proprietary idiosyncrasies of specialty content management systems used by other standards setting organizations.  When the content is curated by ICC staff it is made available at the link below:


We maintain this title on the agenda of our periodic Model Building Code and Disaster teleconferences which approach this product from the point of view of education community facility managers.   See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting, open to everyone. 



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