Personal e-Transporters


Personal e-Transporters

July 14, 2022


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We track best practice concepts evolving in International Electrotechnical Commission committee (IEC TC 125 Personal e-Transporters) now setting the standard of care for a transport technology with a growing presence on college and university campuses.   Students and faculty use PeTs to hasten movement between classes; maintenance staff uses them for exterior maintenance and landscaping.  They are used by the general public on or within campus perimeters; particularly large research universities.

From the IEC TC 125 committee scope statement:

Standardization for use on the road or in the public space of electrically powered transport devices (i.e. no human (propulsion) power input) and where the speed control and/or the steering control is electrical/electronic.

This means, standardization in the field of personal e-Transporters, including :

    • Safety and reliability (both electrical and functional)
    • Protection against hazards (fire and explosion hazards, water ingress, …)
    • Maintenance
    • Docking stations for public use
    • Recharging
    • Recycling

Exclusions :  Standardization of electrical bicycles, motorbikes, mopeds and cars are excluded from the scope because they are handled by other technical committees administered from Geneva:

ISO TC 149

Standardization of PeTs for home use are excluded because they are handled by IEC TC 59 and TC 61

Much like PetTs technology itself, the TC 125 committee is relatively new; its founding document linked below:

Belgium is the Secretariat with 24 national committees on the project at the moment (CLICK HERE for TC 125 Membership).  Stakeholders in the United States should contact ANSI’s US National Committee to the IEC (CLICK HERE)

Die Fachhochschule Wedel bei Hamburg

We are on the receiving end of questions about best practice, standardization and regulatory solutions for this technology.  We refer them to the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee which meets 4 times monthly in European and American time zones and collaborates with the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.   We also set aside an hour per month to review the status of best practice literature for campus Mobility.   See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting; open to everyone.

University of Michigan

Issue: [19-200]

Category: Mobility, Electrical, Global

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey

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