Virtual reality technology in evacuation simulation of sport stadiums


Virtual reality technology in evacuation simulation of sport stadiums

April 5, 2023

The application research of virtual reality technology in emergency evacuation simulation of sports stadium

Xiao Yi | Shanghai University of Sport

Abstract. With the activities of major sports events have become increasingly active and the social influence of sports events is gradually increasing, people have more and more opportunities to watch matches in sports stadiums. Sports stadium, as a place of relatively large occupant density, has high demands for its safe operation except that it is necessary to meet the needs of competitions. Under the unexpected situations, how to ensure the public safety has become the focus of social concern. This paper takes the emergent evacuation simulation of sports stadium as a main research object. It concerns the main problems that how to use virtual reality technology to build a three-dimensional simulated scene of sports stadium; how to truly simulated the whole evacuation process of many people under unexpected situations. The scene modeling of sports stadium, The construction of evacuation model, The visualization of evacuation process, Dynamic Roaming and Interaction design, Evaluation system and other issues are discussed in this article.

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